Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Whirlwind - Jen

Just finished last Harry Potter book, now can get back to blogging. Won't say anything about it but that it was AWESOME! Thanks Katie for letting me borrow it.

Will just throw bullets out of events from past week, photos and more details will have to come later:

We love our new sheep, we can't stop looking at them, for hours, they are hypnotizing. What's funner, bringing home 9 new sheep or lambing 10? Can't decide.
Played for a funeral Saturday and church Sunday, so nervous knots all weekend.
Enjoyed a couple visits from shetland people this past week, how nice to spend time with people who speak the same language!
Sent boys off to camp Sunday, they'll be back Saturday, just in time for fair!
Our camper is officially kaput, have bought tent to replace it, we've been sleeping in it for the last five days, will explain why later.

We are so richly blessed to be living the life we live. I wouldn't change a thing. except to get my kids back from camp...

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Katie said...

You are welcome! Busy, busy, busy!!