Thursday, June 28, 2007

A summer night - Jen

It didn't rain yesterday, Rich was watching the storm clouds on the computer, but they went right around us. This morning it looks like it might still happen, we are supposed to get showers today. I really hope we do, the air is very thick, and it is hard to get motivated in weather like this.

Last night, after it cooled off, I took a walk around our yard with our camera, all excited about the new blog, and the positive feedback I've received from friends.
Andrew and Will were out in the front yard playing a pickup game of baseball. Katie and I used to do this for hours, "Ghost man on second! It was a foul, no it wasn't, yes it was, nu uh, yuh huh" etc. etc. They take it a little further, with their drama background, each at bat is a different person, with his own personality and quirks. One time I saw Andrew switch to hit left handed, I asked him why. Well, the guy he was portraying was a lefty, of course!

Cody was stuck in the house, as usual. Rich was mowing Cody's play yard (the North pasture), and he can't go in with the sheep in the south pasture, as he would run them to death. So, he has to watch the activities from the screen door. Everyone thinks we should have a real dog, like a border collie, or sheltie or something with the sheep. But no, perverse as we must be, we have a whippet. Who, if he gets out of the house without a leash on, will sprint down the road at 35 mph. Then when he finally stops, he will have no idea where he is and will not be able to find his way home. This happens all the time with whippets, and we can't train it out of him. Fortunately, every time he has gotten out, we have been able to follow him and cooerce him into the van and safely back home.
Ahh, bliss. Not only does it offer shade, but its a great scratching post as well... Too bad we didn't start this blog before Rich started building the ram shed, could have chronicled that joy filled adventure. Anyways, its almost done. A few more details and then it will be PERFECT! As you can see, Cihat, the ram inside the shelter, is the higher ranking ram, at least for now. Mahogany (Bucky) gets the second spot outside, but next to the shelter. Poor Brome (not even in the vicinity) is keeping his distance until Cihat and Bucky decide that he may enter without getting the hell kicked out of him. Gotta love rams.
Last photo, Rich is mowing the north pasture, knocking down stalks and chopping up seed heads in the hopes they will spread and germinate. On his brand spanking new tractor, which he had to buy since he set the other one on fire. I will let him tell you that story...I have been watering this pasture, this one is third in the rotation, after a new pasture we just fenced in over the weekend. I say we, I mean Rich. I do the clips, but that's about it. Notice how he thoughtfully leaves the thistles (redneck shrubberies) at their full height, makes it easier for me to dig them out. whatta guy!

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