Thursday, March 6, 2008

Black Eyed Susan - Rich

Sheltering Pines Black Eyed Susan (S24073, 3/06) is an HST yuglet that we brought in to jump start our spotted program. Last year we bred her to Cihat and we were blown away by her lamb, Whispering Pines Jeb Stuart (s24247). This is a recent picture of her, her fleece is a little shaggy as we sheared her last year before she hit her rise.

We're hoping for twins this year from Susan and obviously, we have high expectations given last year's results. You can see that she has very strong markings, so there is a lot of potential with this year's breeding. She also was an excellent first time mother, which is another thing that we value highly in our ewes. BES is two years old, so we should see our first set of twins from her this spring.

Jeb is a copy of his father with soft fleece and striking markings.

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