Thursday, March 13, 2008

More stuff I made - Jen

I am officially out of fiber, and am saving what yarn I have left for a fiber show we are doing in May. The only project I have left is a really hard lace shawl that I am a little afraid of, I put it down last year and can't remember how to do it.
I know I have a purchased skein of pink wool stashed somewhere, but I can't find it. I wish there was a metal detector for yarn.

So that said, I am really really looking forward to shearing. TV is really boring when you just sit there and watch it without doing something else...

Here are some projects I've completed over these long winter months:

My neighbor (how blessed am I to have a fiber person right down the road!!?) gave me a big bag of onion skins she pilfered from a mucker to the east of us. So, I dyed some white roving to make this pretty golden color. I'll be interested to see how our new miogets spin up as and how they compare with this.

I made these cable socks for Rich, they are so soft and warm. They are from Sunny (Rich blogged her a few entries down). I was suprised to see how taupe she came out after spinning, I thought she would have more yellow/red in her.

And here is my first and last attempt at a braided rug from roving. So many things went wrong with it, which I will not bore you with. I really hate this rug. Thanks to my cousin Gwen who showed me the correct way to stitch it up, I was on the totally wrong path until she set me straight. I just finished it up yesterday and my needle finger is really sore.

And another project that I hate - this sweater. The brown is from a ram we sold last year, the white is from a ram we culled last year, the tan is from Sunny. I had to add the stripes cause I was running out of brown, originally I wanted it all brown (moorit). Still need to block it, but in no hurry because - I hate it. Don't feel sorry for me, I've been knitting for 30 years and fully expect to hate 75% of completed projects. Just the way it is, I guess. I've finally realized, I love to make the stuff. Don't so much like using it. And that's OK.

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