Thursday, October 30, 2008

S'more Sparkles - Rich

Sire: UnderTheSon Torvus
Dam: Smore Petal
3/30/08 Grey Yuglet/Flecket Twin Ewe

I love this ewe, what else can I say? You talk about that “just look at me” presence. Sparkles is out of Tori Gygi’s breeding program. Tori is a smart girl with a nice eye for shetlands and Sparkles is a great example of it. Sparkles will have an intermediate fleece that is soft and crimpy. She also has just a beautiful face! She is a good example of what I mean when I say that you can have a nice intermediate fleece with nice crimp and softness.
She’s also a nice cornerstone ewe for us! I have no idea whether I’ll use her or not this fall. She’s like that new car that you never want to take out of the garage unless it’s sunny and off peak traffic. She also has a fabulous conformation. Again, her flaws are so small they’re not worth mentioning. If this ewe ever leaves our farm, it’s because the rest of our ewes are perfect or we’re not breeding shetlands anymore! She’s that nice! Sparkles also has nice UK content. She’s an F2 Orion and F3 Skeld.

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stephen rouse said...

she's gorgeous Rich. And you're right about Tori Gygi. She's one smart "whipper-snapper". :-) She is one of my favorite people.