Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lambs - Little Buckaroo

Wintertime Itasca is our finest adult ewe at 25.0 microns, and she produced two very fine ewe lambs last year when bred to Bond. This year, we bred her to Little Buckaroo (our F1 Jericho son) in hopes of producing fine fleeced lambs with excellent conformations. We were also looking for lambs in shades of brown.

We’re pleased with the outcome, although only one lamb is brown-based. But both are carriers!

The first ewe lamb is a fawn katmoget with a very nice, consistent fleece. I like this lamb a great deal. It’s very close to what we were looking for.

The second lamb has the prettiest facial markings that we’ve had here. And her fleece is spectacular! Very fine and crimpy, much like Itasca’s lambs last year. We were very fortunate to get ewe lambs out of her again this year.

Needless to say, these lambs are some of the best that we’ve had here this spring. Nice long bodies, great tails, and wonderful fleeces. No one can predict how lambs will turn out, but these two have great potential. Anyway, I feel good about that breeding now. I was originally waffling between Pompey and Buckaroo, and I’m glad we went the way we did. These lambs are 61% UK.

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Kelly Bartels said...

I have a soft spot for gray kats and this one is a beauty.