Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lambs - Pompey

We’ve only had a few Pompey lambs this year, but here is an updated list.

Sheltering Pines Queen Anne’s Lace had a black ewe lamb that looks promising. I was looking for black here, and I’m not disappointed. She is one that we will be watching. She also appears to be a spot carrier, which I did not expect. This lamb is 44% UK.

S’More Sparkles (an F2 Orion) had two nice black lambs recently. The ram looks like he could be something really nice. He’ll be a half-poll with a consistent fleece. I would have preferred a moorit here, but both lambs are very nice.

His sister has cool markings, and also should be very nice. She feels really soft, and I think has lots of potential. These lambs are 45%UK. I’m guessing that the markings on her face only indicate she is a carrier. I do not believe Pompey carries spots. Anyway, two very nice lambs.

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Kelly Bartels said...

More lovely lambs from the east.
Very impressive.