Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sommarang Ilke

Okay, I got out this morning and got some more pictures, so let's go back to our adults again and take a quick break from the lambs.

Sommarang Ilke is another ewe that we brought in last year and she is Isla’s half-sister (same father - Avyt). She is smaller than Isla, but I like her fleece even better. Her yearling micron test was nearly identical to Isla’s, but I definitely like her fleece better.
How fine is she? Her yearling micron test had an avg fiber diameter of 22.3. I'm not sure how much it will increase this year, but it still feels super fine to me. Her CEM is 9.7, which is higher than I prefer, but indicative of a single coated fleece, nontheless. Her CV is 22%, which is also higher than I like, but still in the range that I find acceptable. Her CRV is 72.2, which is also very good. The CRV is a measure of the amount of crimp present. We have smaller and tighter crimp than this in our flock, but this is still an excellent number. Compare that number to Kiyah for contrast. Kiyah is off the charts.
It’s nice having moorits in the flock again, but it’s especially gratifying to have Shetlands like this. They aren’t a dime a dozen; trust me on that.

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