Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Whispering Pines Izarra

This moorit ewe is out of Wintertime Khan and Sommarang Idelle. I like this lamb for several reasons, one of them being the cool striping on her back legs. Her mother was a fawn katmoget, but almost all white. As a result, I expect this ewe to have some pretty flashy lambs down the road.

This is another lamb who isn't as fine as her parents, but has the bloodline that could potentially pay off down the road. I toyed with the idea of selling her at one point, but had second thoughts. After much debate, I felt her genetics were worth holding onto. She has a nice fleece as well, and we just haven't had a lot of nice moorit fleeces in our flock. Nice tail, straight legs, fine fleece, etc. I feel bad about the ewes that are at the backend of these posts because I have run out of new things to say that I haven't already written.

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