Friday, December 7, 2012

Whispering Pines Barenfang

The tour of the ewes in our flock is complete, so it's off to the breeding groups.

This is Khan’s son out of Siena from this spring. He is very much like his mother in looks except that he has Khan’s head. That’s a pretty good outcome, essentially combining the best of both parents. I don’t really like to breed ram lambs, but I am rolling the dice here. I really don’t mind if he doesn’t breed any of his ewes, however, but it would be a nice bonus. I should probably use a clean up ram, but that just extends the lambing season, and I really can’t do that.

His six month micron test was: AFD: 21.7 SD: 3.9 CV: 17.9 CEM: 7.3 CF: 98.1% SF: 20.6 CRV: 71.9. Those are pretty good numbers to go along with my overall assessment of him. His fleece also has fantastic density and uniformity to go along with luster. He's one of the better ram lambs we've had born here, and certainly the finest.
I just figured I needed to try him out and see how we do. If he does breed these ewes, I have a high level of confidence in the quality of the lambs. His ewes are:
Sommarang Ilke
We’ll see how this goes. I think my gamble here speaks to the confidence I have in the other groups I’ve set up. This one is a bonus.
Speaking of bonus, here's a few of his lamb pictures. I think Corinne did this last year, and I thought it was cool to show how the lambs have matured.



Michelle said...

I sure like him!

Kelly said...

He's nice Rich, very nice.