Sunday, September 30, 2018

What I am working on

Been looking forward to this weekend of nothing to do.  So I have a pile of activities and stuff I want to do.  (And yes I do realize these two sentences contradict each other)

Here is one of the bottle ram lambs growing up.

Paid a quick visit to the two new girls, gave them some of the loose hay from the wagon, here they are munching away.

Washed Fanny's fleece, I love her color gradation, and she is so pretty and soft!

Still spinning up O'Brien, I expect I will get three skeins from her.

Knitting a pair of mittens with Caramel Mocha's yarn and thrum from Blue Diamond..  Never did thrum before, these are going to be warm and comfy mittens!

Helped a little with the hay - here is the view from the top of the hay wagon.  All I see is all there is to do.  But the clouds look really cool.

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