Monday, September 10, 2018

Wisconsin Fiber Festival

 We are driving home from the festival, we drove to LaGrange Indiana last night and had to break.  Joining us in the van is this little peanut who we bought from Kelly B at the show.

Today we pick up our 2nd new lamb and then head on home. She is from Whispering Pines Wentworth and May who are now living in Michigan.

Really enjoyed our time at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival.  I got a lot of spinning done on our grey katmoget ewe's fleece, Ivy.

Saw so many good friends and had time to catch up on important wool/sheep/fiber crafting news from the past year.  Looking forward to connecting with everyone on their progress with the projects that involve our soft shetland wool.

This pretty cowl was shared by Sue who used yarn from we think Pearl and Edith.  Sue is headed to the Shetland Islands soon, so very excited to share her work and have a shetland wool item to keep her warm during the trip!

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English sheep gal said...

Glad you had a great time, chance to catch up with friends, see a finished project from your yarn, get some spinning done, and 2 new additions to the flock, quite an exciting weekend! Can't wait to see pics and find out the names of the new sheep.