Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Lamb update

The last 24 hours have been very productive on the lambing front:

Baxter  (x Rush) had a lovely solid black ewe in the morning yesterday (4/24/19)

I don't like to admit to favoritism, but come on!

Later in the afternoon Pearl (x Peter) had a strapping black ram, burly little fella!

While Pearl was midway through her labor, Georgianna (x Rush) kicked out a sweet pair of ram lambs - solid black and moorit.

Does Georgiana look like she is smiling to you?

Always exciting when two ewes are in labor at the same time!

Then this morning I thought I'd check barn at around 6 am and then go back to bed for that last 1 hour topper of dozy rest, but it was not to be as Siena (x Jon Snow) was pushing, so she very quickly produced these two adorable ewes, one is a solid moorit, and the other a solid black.

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English sheep gal said...

Wow, what an exciting few days! Maybe more will come today! Great to see your work to establish more black color sheep for the future is working out. Just updated my lambing tally, almost 1/2 of the bred ewes have lambed, and you have almost equal divide of ewe lambs and ram lambs. Checking back to the breeding group info, only one more to lamb from Peter's group, and Sienna is the first from Jon Snows group of 5 ewes to have lambed. I do love some sheepy stats! Thanks for all the pics