Friday, July 6, 2007

Tecumseh Sherman - Jen

This little guy will be shown at the Erie and Niagara County fairs along with three other lambs in August. He is a moorit smirslet out of Sheltering Pines Mahogany and Sheltering Pines Kiraz. He has resisted halter breaking with more passion than any other lamb in our flock this year, and I don't understand it. He is v. nice, gets along with others, not hard to catch once he is in the barn. He has finally started coming around, but man, a lot of effort went into ole Tecumseh. All's I'm sayin is, its a good thing he's not a parrot, if you know what I mean.
Rich changed our ram naming convention this year. Up until 2007 lambs, we named our rams after grasses - alfalfa, timothy, brome, etc. But he is a civil war buff, so now we are naming them after Civil War Generals. So we have Robert E. Lee, Tecumseh Sherman and Jeb Stuart. I didn't know Sherman's first name was Tecumseh, my 5th grade son informed me it is the name of some famous Native American that he studied about this year.
Rich took a couple days off this week, so we've been busy. Went to the drive in to see Ratatouey (too tired to look up spelling), went to train store to get stuff for the Halloween train set, had delicious dinner at Connie's with mom and Katie and all the kids (three desserts!), been working through the Family Ties dvd's that Rich ordered from Blockbuster on Line, getting quarantine pen ready for two lambs arriving next mondayish, dug prickers from the pasture after the two days of rain, running kids to morning swimming lessons and knitting at every opportunity. Now want to take a nap, but can't, cause its Friday and I must clean.

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