Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sheltering Pines Cor de Nuit - Rich

Sire: Underhill Thelonium Monk
Dam: Justalit'l Lana
3/25/06 Twin Grey Katmoget/Smirslet

This ewe is all about conformation and fleece! She is single coated and has tremendous density, dark blue-grey coloration, and fine crimp! Plus, she’s spotted. Her spotting is subtle, but it’s there. She’s our largest ewe at 88 pounds. I think that’s a good weight for a ewe. I wouldn’t want anything bigger. I would say our mature adult ewes weigh anywhere between 65 and 88 pounds. Most fall in the mid to low 70’s. I bought this ewe for her conformation, but I’ve grown to love her fleece. I haven’t decided who to breed her with. Any suggestions? She’ll have nice lambs, it’s just a matter of what kind? There are several ways we could go with her this fall. Cor has some impressive breeding in her background as well. She’s an F3 Minder, F4 Timothy, F4 Holly, and F4 Greyling. She brings a lot to the table for us.


Kara said...

Okay I stopped commenting because I don't know if you want comments or not, as you never reply to them. But since you asked...I think you should breed her with your ram lamb with your prefix. Start showing us what the combination of your vision is, what does a "Whispering Pines" sheep look like, as you said you want people to recognize. Otherwise as Garrett pointed out, we are just continuing other peoples breeding programs at our places. You'd have lovely lambs though! :) Clover and your other new ram lamb might give you a gul/kat if you wanted that, I'd go with Clover. Looks like you can't go wrong with the ewes you have chosen, beautiful girls! The miogets and the gulmogets, and Violet are my personal favorites. Good luck, can't wait to see your final breeding groups.

Michelle said...

I wonder if Cor is a poll-carrier like her dam. Beautiful ewe; I'd like one of that color (AND a poll-carrier!) someday!

stephen rouse said...

Hi Rich, you're right...there are several ways to go with her. :-) I suspect she is Ss/Ss ...when bred to Starry Night last Autumn, she produced a "clone" of herself. (although I'm not sure she'll be as In looks, she is just like Cor de Nuit. Bred to spots...she'll probably have something spotted.....bred to a could get what I cover, the gul-kat. I've always thought a gul-kat ram would be cool as when you breed them to'd never get a solid...only kats or guls! :-) I'd be tempted to put her on Leyland...but that's due to his spectacular micron test result.....the combination of those fleeces ought to produce something to "drool over". ;-) But you know I'm a total sucker for fine, crimpy UK type sheep. :-)

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Kara, I'm just a lousy blogger. I usually post stuff I've written months ago whenever I get a free minute and think of it. Don't take it personally if I don't reply. My connection at home is awful and I can never remember my password. If I encounter blog obstacles, I'll never post anything.