Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Needlefelted North Pole - Jen

This was inspired by a really cool shop I found on etsy, this lady makes needlefelted playmats and little elves and stuff. Anyways, it started out as just a snowman, but then it got away from me. The squirrel, crow, bunny (in the log) and mouse are loose and can be played with. I think I still want to add a skunk. Most of the wool came from a local farmer that has a dorset cross - lots of mediocre wool, so I cleaned it and carded it, dyed it with cushing dyes for the bright colors. The mouse and crow are from Dahlia who now lives in New Jersey. The squirrel (behind the pole) is from Jasmine, who is in NYC!
I was hoping to post this on etsy, but the boys won't let me, they want to keep it.

I will probably make more of the same idea. Its fun, and reminds me of making paper dolls when I was a kid.
Sorry about the el crapola photo. I need a new camera or something.


Kara said...

Very cute!

Linda said...

Jen...how many times did you prick your fingers???Linda

Linda said...

Jen how many times did you prick
your fingers???


Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Hee hee! Yeah right? I only nailed myself once. I've gotten a lot better since I last talked to you about it!