Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fantasia - Rich

Fantasia is one of our friendliest adult sheep. She’s also our most single coated ewe and probably has our most beautiful fleece (although technically, it’s her fleece, not ours). She also has a very nice conformation and shows her heavy UK bloodlines. I’m not sure exactly what I mean by that, but those of you who have heavy UK content probably knew that from the picture. She’s also a poll carrier as well. She also has some pretty nice markings. She’s certainly one of our best overall ewes. We decided to breed her to Cihat again this year, because we really liked what they produced last year in Silver Maple. We’ll see what happens. I also felt that it might not be a bad idea to breed her to a ram with a longer fleece than hers. We’ll do micron testing again this spring on her and see where she is. We liked her results as a lamb, but who can predict how things will turn out.

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Michelle said...

Are you sure that lovely, friendly POLL-carrier doesn't need to move across the country to add some color at Boulderneigh?