Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fantasia's lambs - Rich

Lambing has begun here at Whispering Pines and V Creek Fantasia has already set the bar very high for the other ewes (not that they care)!

Fantasia has a short, UK style fleece – very crimpy and lustrous! She definitely has our prettiest fleece. Her ewe lambs look to have the same style fleece! Their fleeces are very tightly crimped and uniform. They are quite striking! I love katmoget fleeces to start with, and these two are wildly spotted to boot! Last year, we really liked the ram that Fantasia threw, so we thought we’d take another shot at it in 2009. It looks to have paid off! Fantasia carries the polled gene, so one of these gems may as well. Cihat is the sire (and does not carry the polled gene). We’ll get some better pictures once we can get them outside, which probably won’t be until Sunday. Our flock enjoyed a nice day and a half of sunshine, but now it’s back to solitary confinement until the wind, snow and rain passes. (note the winter gear on Jen...)


Juliann said...




They are INCREDIBLE! They have it all! Pattern, fine fleece, SPOTS! I can't WAIT to watch these little ones grow up!
Wait 'til Stephen see's them, he'll go nuts!
Congrats, I am GREEN with envy! They are SHARP!

madder root said...

What beautiful little ones, with such wonderful fleece.

Nancy K. said...

Talk about setting the bar high!
They are awesome!! Boys or girls? What a way to start lambing....

Hidaway Farms Shetlands said...

Wow!! What a super pair!! I would love to see spotties like that here!
Congrats on the beautiful babies!!

Angela Rountree said...

Wow!! They are bee-you-tee-FULL!!!!! Congratulations!

Kara said...

They are so wonderful!

Bill Stearman said...


Well done!