Monday, June 8, 2009

3 month ram lamb update - Rich

We have three ram lambs that we believe will be excellent breeding quality that are for sale. I thought I would take a rare free moment to blog on how they are progressing.

The first is a black ram out of Pyrenee's Morn (grey katmoget) and Clover (mioget gulmoget). I like the structure on this guy. He has great presence! His fleece has nice density and luster as well. It's a wavier crimp and I expect him to have an intermediate fleece.

His twin brother very similar in structure. Very square and level. His fleece is also similar, but it feels softer. Both rams are very uniform as well. I've always liked this guy's markings though. He's a black gulmoget. He just looks stunning out in the pasture.

Both of Pyrennes rams carry mioget and are 46% UK.
The last ram lamb for sale is a black gulmoget out of Leyland and Queen Anne's Lace. Leyland has an excellent fleece, testing in at 21 microns last fall with a very low CV. This guy looks a lot like him, he looks like he will not have side frosting. He carries brown and possibly spots. I think this guy will have an intermediate fleece.

We had a good lamb crop this year and are selling some that we would have kept in any other year. Right now we have four rams we want to use this fall, and not enough ewes to really make it work right. So these guys have to go. We wethered several very nice rams already this summer and these guys made the cut! We've decided to wether anything that we wouldn't use ourself, no matter how nice we think they are. Those are tough calls to make, but we think it's the right thing for the breed. Rams are a dime a dozen; really good ones are tough to come by.


stephen rouse said...

very nice looking rams!

Juliann said...

VERY nice lambs!
I like that you wouldn't sell anyone a sheep that you wouldn't feel is good enough to use in your own flock. That's a great philosophy.

Nancy K. said...

Those are some good looking boys!
You're doing a great job breeding quality Shetlands...