Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We originally had this ewe lamb on our sell list, but her fleece really changed throughout the summer and it is very nice now! It never was bad, just not my preferred type. As she matured, it became my preferred type. So, I’m not exactly sure what might happen with her. She carries mioget from her mother, and could very well carry spots as well. Test breedings will flush that out at some point. Maybe not this year, but sometime. She is out of Wintertime Bond and Whispering Pines Tiger Lily, and is 42% UK. Here’s a good example of us sticking to our vision and eventually producing something better than what we started with. We started with Under The Son Tiara and Clover, and through careful selection ended up with a ewe that seems right now to be much closer to what we are breeding for. We’ll see how it goes. Those sheep had excellent conformations, which proved to me that you can start with that and work on fleece along the way. Hopefully, we can keep that forward momentum going.


Kelly said...

Keep the reviews coming, you DO have long time followers!
Sheep addict that I am.........as well as fiber, spinning, knitting, the list goes on and on.

Mac said...

shes gorgeous!! if you sell her or a lamb with great crimp on the midside im definitely interested!!!

Juliann said...

Gorgeous ewe and wow what a beautiful color to that fleece! You have an amazing flock Rich & Jen!!