Monday, November 26, 2012

Winter Sky Vogue

This moorit ewe is probably my favorite non-Whispering Pines ewe. She's fine-boned with a beautiful, soft moorit fleece. She also has a very nice Shetland head.

What she brings to the table for us is a bloodline that we really don't have. She's an F3 Orion, which is a bloodline that we do have, but she is also one of the few ewes out of Winter Sky Tennyson, who I never saw in person, but hear great things about. I don't generally bring in ewes unless I've seen both parents, but in this case, I made an exception because I thought Vogue was that nice.

I will post a fleece picture when I have one. I was lucky to get this picture. I know a picture is worth a thousand words, but her yearling fleece took second place at the 2011 WSWF, which was judged by certified SSS judges (have I mentioned that once or twice, as if I thought that was significant or something?). Having seen some of the fleece judging in other fiber events, I have gained an appreciation for the skill of Alan Hill and Kate Sharp at that event. I realize that everyone likes the judges who think like we do, and we despise those who don't, but in this case, we are talking about two people with credentials that most of the U.S. judges don't have, as well as the profound experience with the breed that people like me look for when trying to deepen our understanding of the Shetland sheep. That event meant something to me even though I had no sheep entered in anything. It was as important to me as the 2005 AGM at the Dailley farm in Ontario. That event had nothing to do with UK judges, but it was an eye opener for me in terms of what the breed could be (or was supposed to be before Americans intervened). If the 2005 AGM was a turning point for our farm, the 2011 WSWF was a reality check showing we are progressing on the correct path. It is important to me that we breed for Shetlands like you would find in their native land, and not merely something that we personally like. Having bred for all Shetland types, I feel like we can't have enough ewes in our flock like Vogue.

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stephen rouse said...

I couldn't agree more with the opinions you expressed! Right on Rich!