Sunday, April 27, 2014

2014 Lambing Continues

We're not done with lambing yet, but we have had quite a bit of activity since our last post.

Whispering Pines Siena had twin moorits (ram and ewe) out of Khan. Both look very promising. This combination continues to deliver for us.

Below is the ewe lamb. She is the one in the back in the above picture.

This is a better shot of the ram.

Below is the ewe lamb by herself. I finally got a good day to get the lambs out on pasture.

Whispering Pines Genoa also delivered this past week, giving birth to a single ram lamb with similar facial features to his mother. He is a grey katmoget. We were surprised that she only had a single since we have  been having so many twins this year. Everyone has twinned except Genoa so far.

Whispering Pines Blue Diamond also delivered twins this week - both rams. These lambs are out of Egyptian Autumn. I'm pretty impressed with his lambs this year. We didn't get spots out of this pairing like I had hoped, but we did get extremely nice fleeces, which was the primary goal. This was a linebreeding on Whispering Pines Blue's Clues.

Sommarang Ilke had nice looking twin moorit ram lambs earlier in the week. These guys look very promising as well. These guys are also out of Egyptian Autumn.

It's been raining ram lambs here at Whispering Pines Farm, but they have been outstanding. I'm not sure how we are going to proceed because we already have an outstanding adult ram flock, and we haven't even used all of those guys yet. I'm not sure how to make room for some of these ram lambs. I would rather have that problem though than to have 16 ewe lambs that I want to keep. That would not be a positive situation. This is by far the best overall ram lamb class we have had since we have been breeding Shetlands!

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Kelly said...

Outstanding results Rich and Jen. I don't envy you and choosing what to keep.