Sunday, June 29, 2014

Adult Rams For Sale

We posted our ewe sales list the other day, but as I said then, we would have two adult rams to sell as well. Here they are:

Winter Sky Khan

An excellent polled moorit son out of Wintertime Black Forrest. Forrest, as he is known, is largely responsible for the salvation of the fine fleece Shetland in the US, and one of the finest Shetland rams in North America. Khan didn't fall too far off the tree. I've always liked Khan better than Forrest, to be honest.

Khan's three year old micron test was: AFD: 22.2/SD: 4.9/CV: 22.2%/CEM: 8.2/SF: 21.9. I would say that those numbers put him in elite company in the North American Shetland community. His comfort factor was 96.3% as a three year old! His fiber diameter has held pretty constant for three years now! That's also pretty rare for a Shetland! Extremely rare.

He's the real deal and would certainly help both new and established fine fleece flocks! This is a rare chance to own one of the foundation fine fleece Shetland rams! You aren't going to find many like him in North America.

Don't be misled by the fleece picture below. It is about 3" long. I know it looks shorter in the picture. Plus, it has great elasticity/bounce/movement (choose your term).

Whispering Pines Barenfang is an example of the type of home raised ram that we once said we would never sell. But that's the way it works with a breeding program. As you get better, you either move out really good animals, or you become overwhelmed with too many sheep. Such is the case with this guy. He is a fawn katmoget son of Khan (sounds like a movie title) and our own Siena.

His yearling micron numbers were: AFD: 21.5/SD: 4.3/CV: 19.8%/CEM: 7.4/SF: 20.7.

Between the pictures and the numbers, there isn't much else to be said about this guy. He is a flock sire waiting for a chance to shine! Note the perfect Shetland tail. I have also found him to be a very laid back ram. I should keep him, but there is virtually no chance he will be used in the next two years, so there really is no point. He is too good to put on the shelf that long.

Barenfang's fleece is also about 3" long.

Above is Barenfang as a lamb. Pretty striking right off the bat!

Two great and rare rams!

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