Tuesday, May 5, 2015

2015 Lambs Part 2

Lambing is in the books for 2015 and I will be updating the blog over the next few days with the results.

On April 24th, Blue Diamond had two very nice fawn katmoget ewes that we decided will be for sale. We like them, but keeping them will mean selling more adults that we don't want to part with. Nice and nearly identical ewe lambs out of Egyptian Autumn!

On April 25th, Itasca had twin ram lambs. These are the first rams she has had for us, which works out well. These lambs are out of Egyptian Autumn.

The grey katmoget is very beautiful. He is a dark grey, which is our favorite color. The black one is also extremely nice, and it's a color we have had a hard time producing here at Whispering Pines. We have found the blacks to be particularly difficult to get in a fine fleece, but this one looks promising.

Next up was Siena on the same day. She had two beautiful fawn katmogets out of Canterbury, and both are among our best this year. In our experience, when a ewe has a boy and a girl, the ram seems to always be the better of the two for reasons I don't understand. I think that will be the case here as well. This ram's fleece is exquisite! I like the dark chocolate ewe a great deal as well, but the lighter ram just looks out of this world.

Genoa is another Pompey daughter that we think is a Shetland that has a hallowed place on our farm. She and Siena are certainly in the top 5% of sheep we have raised here.

This year, we bred her to Canterbury and she came through with a grey katmoget ram and a black ewe on April 26th.

The ewe looks like she'll be nice, and we certainly welcome another black!

The ram is absolutely the darkest one we have ever had here. In fact, I thought he was solid black when he was born. Wow! We already penciled him in as a flock sire for this fall because it's a color that we simply want more of!

Later that day, Constantinople gave us two really nice fawn katmogets - a ram and a ewe.
The ewe is a darker color. The ram is a yuglet katmoget, and very flashy. Both are out of Canterbury.

I will post the last four lambs on Wednesday (Pearl, Kahlua, Caramel Mocha, and Cordovan). I don't want to say we saved the best for last, but they are really nice!

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Kelly said...

I have no clue how you get such nice lamb shots! I struggle to get shots of them because they are a) too friendly and they won't get away from me or b) too skittish and I can't get anything close enough
But, wow, another lovely bunch of lambs!!! Congrats.