Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What I am Working On

Just washed Pamela's fleece.   Pamela is a 2014 lamb, all ewe lambs from 2014 Rich named for songs with girl's names.  I don't know what song Pamela is, but I love her fleece. She is a fawn katmoget, and is very soft and crimpy.  She is out of Frangelico and Egyptian Autumn.

Lock from Pamela's washed Fleece

I probably won't get to carding it until Sunday, after the WNY Fiber Arts Festival.  I am almost as excited about carding her fleece as I am about the fiber festival!!


I am currently spinning Blue Sapphire's fleece from 2013.  She was 3 when she donated this fleece, and it is still so very soft, feels like a lamb fleece.  I already spun up her grey parts and used for my sheep heid kits.  The white is really pretty, with intermittent flecks of grey.

Blue Sapphire's Wool on Hoof

Blue Sapphire and her flashy ram lamb

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Kelly said...

Very nice stuff you have there.