Friday, November 27, 2015

Ewe-A-Day - Whispering Pines Sarah

Sarah is out of Stonehenge and Kiyah, so we have another combination of Jericho and Bond Genetics in this ewe along with Orion. That’s a pretty nice trifecta of bloodlines. Kiyah was out of Blue Diamond, who was out of Blue’s Clues, who was out of Blues, who was a Jericho son. That’s a long walk to get to Jericho, but it’s worth the journey. Stonehenge is out of Genoa, who is out of Shiobhan, who is out of Orion. A little shorter stroll. Her fleece stats are: 21.7/4/18.2/7.2/20.7.
She has a little more britch than I like, but that's okay as long as the fleece doesn't start out fine in the shoulders and then gradually fall apart the further back you get. Hers doesn't do that. It's pretty uniform right back to the hips. I still don't like it, but I don't consider it to be a severe flaw, and in her case, it's about the only one she has.

Her fleece is right there with Kelly Kelly’s in terms of quality, which finally convinced me that Stonehenge was producing exceptionally well given the small number of ewes he was bred to that year. We ended up keeping four ewes from him, and if I remember correctly, he only had four of them.
I have to include her lamb picture because she was one of the cooler lambs we've had:

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