Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rhinebeck Weekend

I never did get the last minute call from Rhinebeck to be a vendor at the fiber festival which is going on right now as I type.  In order to overcome my disappointment, I am going to devote the entire weekend to fiber related activities.  Should work, but I still REALLY WANT A BOOTH AT RHINEBECK!!!!!   *pout*

So here are my plans:

Wash this fleece.  Its Pearl, a grey katmoget, I'll card/spin this and use for the fair isle knitting kits I am planning for next year's fiber festival season.

Card this fleece and spin it, its from Caramel Mocha, aptly named as she is a lovely creamy brown color.  This will also be used for the fair isle kits.  Beautiful crimp.

Wash and hang this skein, gradient yarn from the last of Sarah.

Also planning to card up all this lovely neck wool for single batts to sell next year

Pack up the yarn I've spun over the last couple weeks, the black wool from Garrett Ramsey's black fleece I bought in Wisconsin, Elizabeth Bennett's moorit yarn, and some britch wool for the basket liner pattern:


Feeling a little better already.

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English sheep gal said...

Sorry no vendor spot available at Rhinebeck, but no lack of fun fiber projects there, bet you had a wonderful weekend! Did you get through it all, would love to see how Caramel Mocha's fleece spun up, it is a lovely color.

Thanks for putting my hat pic up, will be working on another one soon using the yarn I bought at the Fiber Fest at Emery Park.