Monday, November 27, 2017

Ewe a day - Treviso

Whispering Pines Treviso is another Itasca daughter that I’ve always liked. Her fleece won first place in a large adult Shetland class last year in Wisconsin. I believe there were 25 fleeces in that class, and most were top notch. She is also a Pompey daughter, one of only three we still have here. Her four year old fleece had an SF of 22.7 microns. She also had two nice lambs this year that we liked.
Treviso 2017

Treviso in May 2013 with mom Itasca
Treviso fleece from 2017 clip

Parted fleece this summer

Treviso's Ewe x Nitro - Gilly


Treviso's ram - didn't retain him

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Sharrie Brockhaus said...

Great article in "Spin Off"! It was fun to read and realize that I had some of those sheep that you were writing about. You did a great job of describing the wonderful little sheep from the Shetland Islands.