Wednesday, January 24, 2018

2017 Breeding Groups - Whispering Pines Oberyn

This black ram is out of Pearl and Nitro. Regular readers of this blog will know that I do not 
like using ram lambs, but when you get a black one that is this nice, it’s often worth the risk, 
so we are spinning the wheel of chance here. 

Oberyn is very fine, and although I don't have his numbers in front of me, he has an SF around 20 
microns if not below. Nice staple length and crimp. He should cross well with the ewes that we 
gave him. None of them have his flaws and he doesn't have any of theirs either. More importantly,
there's a chance here to get Shetland lambs with the best of both parents without any of the 
weaknesses, which is always a goal, but difficult to achieve.
Siena – This ewe is a great producer, but we have always wanted black out of her. Nice build 
and density. She had one of our first really exquisite fleeces as a yearling and has produced 
lambs with the same traits.
Reawick – A white ewe that I think has traits that I think might cross well with this ram. Of 
course, I said that the last two years when I put her with Darcy and it didn’t quite come 
Kelly Kelly – A very nice adult moorit that has produced well so far for us.
Rosamund – Extremely nice fawn katmoget out of Canterbury and Siena. 
I really like this ewe and I really like this ram.
Lady Mary – Moorit out of Rosewood and Itasca.
I would have liked to put more black ewes in with him, but when you are trying to increase 
the number of them in your flock, that’s simply too risky. We tried that strategy last year and 
several good black ewes didn’t take, so I’m not risking that again with a ram lamb. It almost 
always works out, but once in a while…

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