Saturday, September 1, 2018

Spin off article

I had two business trips in August.  Which is very bad timing as I am also frantically preparing for 3 fiber festivals in September.
I'll be marking this yarn today

Lots to mark and organize!

 Yesterday I got home from an international business trip to find the Spinoff magazine in the mail.  It has a pattern featuring our commercial processed ram wool.  So that was pretty cool.

And it made up for the disappointment of this morning's cup of coffee at home compared to the cup I had in Germany yesterday morning.  Why is their coffee so delicious?  At least I got to drink from my favorite fancy mug rather than a boring hotel one.

Anyways, I don't hand card adult ram fleeces.  Most of the time I just toss them in the trash.  I know this is shocking behavior but other than the first year lamb fleece, ram fleeces smell really bad, and we don't coat rams so the wool is really dirty and gross.  However, when there are particularly nice ones we send them to Acorn fiber to be processed into roving.  So when the editor of Spinoff asked me if I would donate ~ 2 lbs of wool for this project I was very happy to have a large amount available from a recent order we had processed.

Normally I hand card everything I sell, but this year I will have the commercially prepared roving in my booth in the next three weekends of back to back fiber festivals if you want to try making this pretty shawl for yourself!

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