Saturday, March 9, 2019

What I'm Working On

Happy to get a few photos of some of the ewes this morning - coats to keep the wool clean to make processing the wool easier.

I'll be spinning up a 5 color self striping yarn with the remaining wool I have from last years clip - sort the colors into the bags, once I get all five colors its time to start spinning! 
Yarn I finished last weekend from the mill processed roving

Reawick is on the drying rack

This is neck wool locks, carded and ready to spin.  Will make a gradient yarn with it

Locks from same - I love the taupe fawn katmogets with darker light portion.

Got fiber samples from all the sheep last weekend and sent them out this week to the lab for our micron data.  There are some really nice fleeces out there I am so looking forward to working with.

Samples in the baggies labeled by sheep name and tag #.  We used colored chalk pens to mark the ones we sampled so we didn't duplicate any.  

Just a group of very pretty girls on a snowy day

Video of same shot - tranquil and lovely

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English sheep gal said...

Thanks for all the sheepy goodness, scenery, science, spinning and so much more! Great that you think the fleece micron results will be good - you and Rich put so much work and planning into achieving that.