Monday, September 23, 2019

Fingerlakes Fiber Festival

Well that certainly was a fun weekend and went way too fast.

More than fun, probably would call it a soul enriching weekend.

Basking in the afterglow with a day off to unpack the van and sort my stuff and think about everybody.

I am inspired by the relationships and interaction between people who stop by that are at the festival together.  Two women who are such good friends, sisters, parent/child etc.  You can sense the deep forces of trust and respect between them that obviously are built up over many years and it is a pleasure to observe and interact with them as they talk about what they would do with my wool and I am so proud to have spent five minutes with them creating a memory. 

Or a couple that is romantically involved, husband and wife or whatever.  But usually its the wife (or whatever) that is wildly passionate and enthusiastic about the whole thing and can't form a single sentence without starting another sentence midstream because she is so excited, and the spouse is quietly standing there watching her with so much love that it restores my faith in humanity and basic goodness.  Also he is holding everything and reminding her to breathe.

And of course the very deep one on one conversations with those people that I have developed a relationship with based on 20 minute intervals once a year whom if they didn't stop by I would spend the weekend worrying about them until I saw them post on Ravelry later on that week.  Talking about the suffrage movement, a dear ewe we lost but was a customer's favorite, our kids, how interesting it is to understand what our paths were that led us to this event, just amazing conversations with remarkable people.

And I got a great critique on my signage, which I will begin improving immediately.

Thanks to all who stopped by, you have no idea how much it means to me to have played a part in your enjoyment of the festival.

Love - Jen

Here are a couple pictures that I managed to quickly shoot:

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