Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Whispering Pines Audie

 Audie is named after Audie Cornish, from the NPR News Commentator year 2018.


Audie 2021


She is a black ewe with pretty bronze tips.  Both her parents came from other farms.  Her sire is OK Acres Nitro and her dam is Wintertime Itasca.  





She was the last lamb we got from Itasca, who we retired from our breeding program in 2018 due to issues with her udders.  This makes Audie very special to us.  She was supplemented with a bottle as a lamb so is a little less shy than the other sheep in our flock.

Audie as a lamb:

Audie as a lamb

Audie's micron count last year was 24.6 AFD, 5.7 SD, 23.3 CV and 24.4 SF.  Her skirted fleece weighed 36 oz in 2020.

Audie's 2020 fleece:

Audie's 2020 fleece

We bred Audie in 2020 with OK Acres Rush and she gave us a moorit ewe and a black ewe.  

Audie's moorit ewe, Josephine

Audie's Moorit Ewe

Audie's black ewe, Ida:

Audie's Black Ewe Lamb

This year we bred her with Whispering Pines Knightley, so excited to see what they produce in lambs!


Whispering Pines Knightley

Genetics for those of you that like that sort of thing:

Pattern - she is a solid so AaAa is her genotype.  

Spotting - Her sire was spotted, but she is not spotted, so she is a spot carrier, so her genotype is Ss for spots

Color - She is black, but her sire was brown, so she carries brown, which we saw from her moorit ewe lamb last year, so her genotype is Bb

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