Thursday, March 10, 2022

Fleeces from our Soft Shetland Sheep


Fleece Selection

Our raw fleeces are carefully selected to offer handspinners a delightful experience when processing soft shetland wool.  I only offer raw fleeces that are clean, low micron and will yield very high amounts of usable fiber after washing and processing.  

Sheep Coats to keep the fleece clean

We coat our sheep to ensure a very clean fleece.  You can read about our coats in this blog post


Blog post about sheep coats

or watch me interview the owner of the company that makes our coats in this video .


Micron Test Every Fleece

We micron test samples from every sheep in our flock and I will provide the micron data in the listing and will include it with a data sheet with every fleece that I offer for sale.  Click link to see an example of the data sheet.

Here is a video Rich and I made talking about how to interpret your micron data:

Shearing our Sheep

We use a professional shearer who specializes in shearing for handspinners, so he is very careful to minimize second cuts, and also shears in a way that ensures the entire fleece is intact, rather than taking it off in sections.

Rooing our Sheep

I roo as many sheep as I can which is the way the shetlanders have harvested their wool for hundreds of years.  Here is a playlist of videos featuring me rooing some of my ewes.  I will indicate in the listing if the fleece is roo'd or sheared with clippers.  Roo'd fleeces come in two pieces, as I roo each side separately.


And finally, here are some customer reviews from our 2021 fleeces:


Review for Fanny's 2021 Fleece

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