Thursday, February 2, 2023

New Majacraft Category - "Discounted Items"

 I have created a new category on the website under the Majacraft section, it is called "Discounted Items".  So I thought I would explain what that is about in this blog post.

The items on this page all have minor damage that doesn't impact the performance of the wheels.  In most cases, they were gently preowned wheels which were returned to me for various reasons.  During the time (usually fairly short) of their pre-ownership, they sustained damage such as dents or minor dings in the wood.  I have stockpiled these over the last year or so with the intention of unpacking, assembling, documenting damage, repairing if needed, repacking and listing them on my website.  As you can imagine, this is pretty time consuming effort. 

So as it happens, January and February are very quiet months on the farm, and this was the perfect time for me to tackle this project. 

Other months are very busy with aspects of the farm:

March we spend getting ready for shearing and lambing

April is lambing and shearing

May is caring for lambies, skirting and evaluating fleeces.

June is the fleece auction

July is selecting sheep for sale and getting their information published on our sales page on the blog

August is getting product ready to sell for fiber festival season

September and October are peak fiber festival season

November is breeding

December is family!

So there you go!  The months of January and February, I take a breath, read a book, do a jigsaw puzzle

and work on projects like going through all the returned products and getting them up on the website for you to peruse!

Here is the link to the entire collection of "Scratch and Dents" as I call them. Each listing has very detailed information on the damage as well as a video of me spinning on that exact wheel so you can hear what it sounds like.  The wheels are all packed up now, no longer assembled - but are ready to ship right away.

They are no longer under official warranty, but if you need any troubleshooting support on them, I am always happy to help you figure out how to optimize your wheel's performance.  Also, I won't offer the free return on these like I do with the brand new wheels.  If you aren't happy with the Scratch and Dent wheel, just contact me and we can discuss a fair and equitable arrangement (probably some sort of restocking fee).

So as always, any questions just pop me an email,  or use the chat feature on my website or give me a call 7165253347 and I will be happy to provide any additional information you may need.


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