Sunday, August 19, 2007

America's Fair - Jen

We’re home from the Erie County Fair in Hamburg NY. What a great time we had! We met really nice people, ate lots of bad for us but delicious food, and had fun talking about and promoting our Shetland sheep. This is a photo of Poppy, who as it turns out is a total lap sheep! She sat on my lap during the entire sheep show from 1 – 4, with a few short potty breaks in between. Then when she and Heather went out in the ring as the only participants in the Miscellaneous Wool breed lamb class, well you would have thought they were Suffolks the way they strutted their stuff. We were so proud of them. Thank you Grandma Doris for spending the day with us during the sheep show, and great to see old friends like the Clemens clan, Katie M., Patty and Denise Foss and Harold, Beth and Joey Frey. Definately going back next year!


Katie said...

Not even an honorable mention. I am crushed!!

Karen Clemens said...

Hey Jen,

Was so great to see you at the Fair! It is amazing how quickly the time passes. My kiddos are still talking about your sheep and want to know if I can knit them a sweater! Nice to see you so happy with life! Keep in touch.