Monday, August 20, 2007

More fair photos - Jen

This is probably going to take me all day to do because my internet connection is terrible, but I had a few more photos of the Erie County Fair I wanted to post. Also wanted to thank Katie, who I forgot to mention in prior post as she so gently reminded me...anyways, thanks Katie, if you hadn't been there that first day I know I would have had a severe meltdown. I think I totally blocked that day out of my memory and hence neglected to acknowledge your most appreciated help at the fair. sorry.

I just love this picture of Will calmly reading with his feet propped up on the tack box. How was he able to tune out the chaos from 60 sheep bleating, barn radios blaring, sheep shearers buzzing, clippers snipping, streams of people walking and talking, and then add on top of that all the typical fair sounds - rides, horns, motors, etc. etc. Will is so centered.

And here I sat for 6 days, petting my lambs, spinning and talking about shetlands to whoever would listen. Flicked and spun 2 full fleeces! Woo hoo!

Me and the boys and the girls on deck, waiting for the Miscellaneous Wool Breed classes.

Rich showed Heather, I did Poppy. Boys got to take a break this time.

And I lied, it actually took me three days to get these photos uploaded. Gotta love dialup...

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