Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tinkerbelle - Rich

Over the next week or so, I thought I would slowly introduce some of the new sheep that we've added to the flock recently. It's pretty tough to pick a favorite, so I'll do it randomly.
The first entry is Tinkerbelle, a very pretty grey and white yuglet flecket sokket ewe from Mary Ellen Kelly in Missouri. Tink is very quiet and friendly compared to some of the others. It will be interesting once we put the new sheep in with the main flock. We put Violet with them a few weeks ago and they still haven't accepted her. All of the new sheep seem to get along with each other well, so we'll see. It could unleash a gang war once we put the eight new ewes in with the main flock.
Friday will be our third week of quarantine with our new sheep and it's getting old. We've never had a serious illness on the farm (knock on barn wood), so we're proceeding cautiously. Fortunately, the new ewes have a cool playhouse to use (and they are making good use of it).


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

What a pretty girl! Her lamb fleece is going to be priceless; I'm drooling.

Katie said...

She is pretty. I want a hat from her!!

Juliann said...

Beautiful girl!!!