Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Clover - Rich

Under the Sun Clover (S24963)is our mioget gulmoget ram and he is really quite handsome! He also has a gorgeous fleece. We’ve talked about micron testing some of our sheep (and still may), but my feeling is that if the fleece feels soft, why do I need to put a number on it? Of course, being a very analytical and quantitative person, I can see why a lot of people do that, but I haven’t come around on that yet. Perhaps, someone will persuade me at some point. Clover’s conformation is also outstanding! We have casually put him up for sale, but I’m not going to push that at this point. I wouldn’t hate the idea of using him again. I probably should have bred him to a spotted ewe as I originally planned. If we end up keeping him, I’ll likely do that this fall. I have him listed as our number three ram, but that’s only because he doesn’t carry spots. He’d be right there with the other two if not for my crazy obsession with spots! We actually bought him with the intent of breeding for gulmogets, but then we went out and bought three gulmoget ewes as well, which made him somehow less critical to us. We either sell one or two of them or we have to part ways with Clover…I think.

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