Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dahlia - Rich

This is Twin Springs Dahlia (S25782, 4/07). Dahlia is a spotted gulmoget with a nice fleece with some crimp. She’s black as the picture shows, although one could argue her fleece is more shaela. It’s hard to tell with gulmogets, isn’t it? There sides are always lighter and it makes them appear several shades lighter than their base color. I think she’s black, however. Dahlia is a bit of an experiment for us because she doesn’t exhibit the kind of spotting that we want. I prefer the striking look of a yuglet sokket or a strong smirslet sokket. Although she’s neither, I’m curious if we can get that by breeding her to our yuglet flekket ram, Cihat, who has a lot of white on him. Last year, we bred him to a black yuglet sokket and she produced a ram lamb that had much more white than his mother. I’m hoping for a similar effect here. My goal with her is to produce striking spotted gulmogets. I think I’d really like her to have a ram this year (did I say that?), but it doesn’t really matter. The chances of the lamb being an HST yuglet gulmoget ram probably aren’t good are they? A smirslet gulmoget ram isn’t too farfetched, however. Hmmm.

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