Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunny - Rich

Sheltering Pines Kiraz (S15218, 4/03) is a ewe that we bought from Scott Bailey because she has an unusual color. She may be fawn with iset, but I’m not sure. She has a butterscotch look about her, and I’ve always liked that. She is a smallish ewe (60-65 pounds), but she spins up nicely. She is a Darius daughter, which is why I haven’t bred her to Cihat (they are half siblings). She has a short fleece, but it is crimpy so it looks shorter than it really is. She is even closer to being an HST yuglet than buttercup. I like her a lot! She is bred to White Pine (S24374) so I expect a nice spotted kat out of her.

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