Monday, April 6, 2009

Peony's Lambs - Rich

We’ve been slow in getting around to posting some of our lambs, so we’ll do the nickel tour here. The weather has been so lousy, getting pictures has been very tough. Nothing unusual for this time of year in Buffalo , and we have no flooding or other serious issues, so we are grateful.

Peony lambed on Saturday morning and gave us two really nice lambs. The ewe lamb is a fawn or dark mioget gulmoget, and the ram is a fawn or dark mioget (unpatterned). Both have very nice luster and the ram is very silky! It’s too early to make any statements about fleeces other than that. Peony has one of our more primitive fleeces, but the lambs seem to have gotten their fleeces from their father (Clover). It looks like that right now anyway.

On Sunday night, Betulina kept us up and delivered a nice ram. I think he's brown, Jen thinks he's black. Once we get some sun and can really look at the color we'll be able to tell better. He is really built! I could be wrong, but I think he’s the largest ram we’ve had! Cihat is the father. He’ll carry moorit and spots and that’s about all I can say at this point. He looks very promising!

Up next? I really can’t say. Both Queen Anne and Buttercup are bigger than Betulina was, but history hasn’t shown that to be a good indicator. Kiraz is also in the mix. I don’t think so though. I’d be happy if all of them hold out until the end of the week. We’re getting close to the date where the weather switch gets turned off and spring starts for real. If I’m not mistaken, the peepers are still on their second peep, and as you know, spring doesn’t start until the third peep cycle. That’ll happen this week.

So far, so good. Three ewes and two rams. All look very nice to me at this point!


Garrett808 said...

Hey Rich! Congrats on the lambs. I'm still waiting for a moorit based gulmoget.

Its easy for me to tell the black lambs from the moorits. Moorits have pink tongues versus the black tongue of the black based lambs. Eyelids and eyeliner area on moorit lambs are pink or like golden brown. hope that helps

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Thanks for the input. I think my confusion was more the result of my desire for something moorit based. I'm sure I was seeing something that didn't exist. Always a problem.

Kara said...

Hi Rich and Jen your lambs look great! To answer your question, I was thinking that ewe lamb of mine could be modified. I came in and check her dam's papers and a lot of emsket and shaela, but a few generations back. Pan is the grandsire and according to Peeps carries the modifier and Silver Bell has a full sister that is mioget/fawn - Trotter. I have thought right along that Cotton Candy (her grand dam)is fawn but also Ag so I am hoping! She does look very similar to your ram lamb in this post color wise. Thanks for visiting lately, I really do appreciate your support. Good luck on the rest of your lambing. Only 3 more to go here. I will be glad to be done.

Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

Can you explain about the peeps? Sorry, but I don't know what that means.

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Spring Peepers are frogs that start peeping when the temps get above 40 degrees. The old adage is that they have to complete three peep cycles before spring is sprung. That means that it gets warm, then cold, then warm, then cold, then warm again. That's the way spring is around here. It never just shows up and stays.