Friday, April 24, 2009

Pyrennee's Rams - Rich

Pyrenees (Clover) rams are both excellent! She had a solid black and a black gulmoget.The black one is very silky with excellent luster! Both are very soft right now. I love their fleeces, but they are different than what we’ve had in the past. Both have dog hair right now, but I don’t expect that to stay. They just have a very nice handle! The black one is slightly smaller, but both look superb at this point! I think he’ll end up shaela, but it takes time for that to appear.
Her gulmoget ram has very striking markings in addition to the cool fleece! He’s probably our most striking ram this year! He’ll have a nice intermediate fleece in my opinion. It has nice density and luster! Clover is the sire, so both carry the modifier. In the past, both of these guys would be keepers, but this year we are offering them both for sale.


Nancy K. said...

Such handsome boys!
How many ewes do you have left to lamb?

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

We had our last lamb last night!