Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Snapdragon - Rich

Snapdragon is another very friendly lamb from 2008 that we like a great deal. So friendly in fact that its impossible to get her photo because she comes right up to me and won't back off for a decent shot. Also, she climbs all over me when I am trying to take other sheep pictures. So, I had to resort to haltering her and tying her to the post, just so I could get some sheep pictures!
She has a cool looking fleece with decent density and a nice feel. She is also out of White Pine and was the only katmoget ewe that he threw. I like her markings and color a lot. I think she has a great conformation and is similar in many ways to Primrose. She’ll be micron tested, but we don’t have anything right now on her. We didn’t breed her because of her small size. Her mother apparently carried the polled gene, so Snapdragon may as well. She’s always been a very striking ewe. I find that the spotted katmogets are very striking, but I’ve not seen a spotted fawn katmoget before. I’m sure that there are many out there, however. Her mother was about 90 pounds, so I’m not sure why Snap is so small, but we’ll see how she grows. The same is true of Primrose, but she’s out of a small ewe, so her size doesn’t surprise me.

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Nancy K. said...

What a little cutie!
But you are so cruel! You tie this poor, precious thing to the fence so that you can go pay attention to OTHER sheep??? Shame on you!