Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ewe-A-Day - Whispering Pines Treviso

Treviso is another two year old Pompey daughter out of Itasca. She doesn’t have the prettiest Shetland head but the rest of her is out of this world. If I could only retain one two year old ewe, Treviso would be the one. She is definitely my favorite!
Her fleece is very light tan, almost white and it is so very soft. Her fleece stats are: 24.6/4.8/19.7/7.4/23.7.
Here is another example of how the stats can be misleading because when you put her yarn next to Turin’s there is a night and day difference. I can’t exactly pinpoint why since both are super fine, but I think it is because Treviso is more uniform from front-to-back. Whatever the reason, I’ll take more of it. People have literally gasped when they hold her yarn in their hands. In fact, I gasped the first time I laid my hands on it. We even had yarn from finer sheep that wasn't as nice as this sheep's.
Itasca always had great lambs, but she requires really fine rams to get the best out of her. This one is close to the total package.
That's it for the two year olds. Next up is a lovely group of yearlings that we get to throw into the genetic mix this fall when we set up breeding groups (most likely this weekend).

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