Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ewe-A-Day - Whispering Pines Kahlua

Somehow, in my quest to present our ewes in the order of age, I missed Kahlua.

Kahlua is out of Wintertime Grasshopper and Winter Sky Vogue. I've always liked this ewe and I think she has the nicest handling moorit fleece I have personally ever handled. It is a little shorter than I like, but it's hard to find this kind of fineness, crimp, and overall handle on a ewe as nice as she is. I also like the lambs she has had. We have kept all of them!

Her three year old micron test results are: 25.2/4/15.8/6.6/23.6. Not too shabby!

Here is Lydia, her ewe lamb this year out of Canterbury. Also excellent.


Michelle said...

I would say that keeping every one of her offspring is the highest praise!

I always enjoy these details profiles of your flock; so much to drool over.

Kelly said...

I had the same revelation from Danby's lambs this fall when I was looking at lambs, it's funny that we don't realize it right away.