Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ewe-A-Day - Whispering Pines Turin

Turin is another excellent fawn katmoget out of Pompey and Vogue. This year she had a beautiful spotted ram (Rochester), so I know she can produce quality spots. Her fleece stats are: 24.7/4.7/19.1/8/23.7.
As I said, the fawn katmoget Pompey daughters are very similar in appearance and fleece. Turin is a bit finer than the rest with her impressive 23.7 SF, but they are all excellent.
You can always tell when I get tired of trying to differentiate each ewe. I start writing less when I get to a lot of the fawn katmogets that are similar. Even though I find each of their genetics interesting, not everyone does. What I can say is that I gave a lot of thought to what these genetics could do for us long term. And I did most of that thought three years ago, before they were even conceived. In this case, it was before I even purchased Turin's mother. When I brought Pompey in to our flock, it was to put with ewes that I thought would cross well with his genetics. And now, I am looking at his daughters and trying to decide which genetics are most likely to work best together. As much as I might thing all ewes will work well with Canterbury, that's not necessarily true. Turin has a bit of a melting pot of fleece types in her background, so you never really know how that is going to work. But when you breed a ram with a 19 SF on his second fleece to a ewe with a 23.7 SF on her second fleece, I think the odds are pretty much on your side in terms of fineness.

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