Monday, December 18, 2017

Ewe a day - O'Brien

O’brien is the last of the Whispering Pines yearlings, and maybe the best one if I am being honest. She is out of Mustang Sally (Khan and Siena) and Mr. Darcy. I was not a big fan of many of the Khan daughters, but this was one of the better ones (along with Irish Mist and Frangelico). The good news is that the Khan granddaughters have been really nice (which is good because I don’t have any more Khan daughters). O’brien’s SF was 18.9 microns. Really nice moorit ewe with great density. I’d like to see more fleece length in her, but I sometimes think that is a bit overrated. I do believe Shetlands should be between 3” and 5”, but we’ve not had a great deal of success achieving density, fineness, and crimp at the longer end of that spectrum. The fleeces that we really like seem to be at the bottom end of that range. Having played around with fleeces longer and shorter than that, it’s become clear where that range came from. I’m sure historically speaking, Shetlands came longer and shorter than that, but you lose a lot of really nice characteristics when you exceed 5” and the same is true when you fall below 3”.
Not sure why but don't have fleece nor lamb shots of O'Brien.  This is her over the summer of 2017.

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