Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Ewe a day - Sarin

Ok Acres Sarin is another ewe we brought in last fall. The primary purpose was to add to our collection of fine blacks. Plus, I liked her. I don’t know that we needed another black, but at the time, it seemed like a priority. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at her fleece. It had a dreadlocky structure as a lamb (which I detest), but that has changed with her second fleece. I don’t usually see that dramatic of a change with the second fleece. I like what I see here and hope that the fineness is still there (I think it is). Her SF was 19.1 microns. When you get this fine, sometimes, the standard deviation can be relatively high (as the CV will indicate), but that’s not the case here. She has a CV of 19%, which is where we like our sheep. I think that’s a matter of opinion, but that’s what we like.

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Michelle said...

Oh, I like that lock sample VERY much!