Wednesday, December 27, 2017

What I am working on

This has been a slow roll due to the holidays, but there are a lot of things happening on the farm and in the fiber studio.

I am washing Lady Mary - the last moorit fleece I have left from 2017 clip and a lamb fleece.  Looking forward to carding and deciding if it goes as batts or yarn.

Spinning Marianne - pretty creamy white, the remaining darker wool I will make into a gradient yarn.

Finished a barn sock, reinforced toes and heel with additional strand of black.  This wool is from the rams we had processed by Acorn Fibers - nice and soft.  Of course it will take me forever to brace myself to thread a sewing needle to finish the toe, I hate sewing...

Still working Bousta Beanie - loving knitting with my nice handspun.

Finishing carding up Sarin - so lofty and soft and an unusual shade of black, just love it.

Breeding groups were broke up mid December, so now we just wait until April for lambing.  Once we finish the ewe a day postings, I'll have Rich write up the breeding groups and his strategy for each group.  Here are the rams in the shed, after having made friends again once we got them all back in same pasture from their breeding groups.


Jean said...

Can you explain what the micron results you post on the "ewe a day" actually mean? I have only read about it in relation to the Shetland breed and really don't understand it. Thanks

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Hi Jean - thank you for your comment and question, I think I'll create a blog post to answer as it is a great question worthy of more space!

Shiela Dixon said...

Jen it looks as if the boys will take shelter when it's available?! How important is the shelter for their well-being?

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Hi Shiela - thanks for the question - They have the one large shed that is in the photo and a smaller one as well. They do tend to gravitate around the shelter, winter or summer, when they are taking a break from eating. They absolutely need a solid shelter to protect them from the wind and the cold as well as to provide shade in the summer. Their mineral feeder is also located in the shelter. it is a 3 sided barn, with the open side facing East.